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About: Corporate finance office worker in the day, delivery-boy of financial freedom thoughts at night. Holds a Bachelor in Economics and a Masters in Global Finance. Loves cross-country runs and hiking. Working towards financial freedom.

I guess “financial freedom” has a different meaning to different individuals. For me, achieving “financial freedom” is to reach a stage when I have built a portfolio that can provide a steady stream of  income that allows me to either continue working or pursue other interests without having to worry about job security / employment income to make ends’ meet.

I have tried investing in equities, fixed income securities, physical real estate, hedge funds, mutual funds, and even “collectibles”. I have managed to make profits on some and learnt some hard lessons (got burnt) on the others, making me realised that there are so much more for me to learn.

I would welcome your feedback and thoughts on how we can refine our strategies to achieve financial freedom. 🙂


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