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Using Leverage To Build Wealth

Leverage is one of the critical ingredient of building wealth. I have picked up valuable lessons from the literature from Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and Todd Tressidder, with the various concepts of leverage summarized below. General idea is that we can build our wealth faster if we adopt the various methods of leverage […]

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I Made A Bad Financial Decision… And Bought A Car

  Owning a car is one of the most expensive “consumption good” in Singapore with the certificate of entitlement (COE) for car ownership at approximately $60,000. For example, this makes a typical Toyota Corrolla Altis being priced at a whooping price of S$120,888 (US$86,4000). (Note: Figures as of November 2015) Despite my self-proclaimed mantra of “saving […]

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Invest When Others Are Fearful?

TL;DR: Valuation of a company depends on its cash generating ability. We shouldn’t confuse share price of a company with its value. Start valuing the businesses in your portfolio and focus on the long term. It is impossible to predict the direction of a share price over the short-term.   (From Motley Fool Singapore – David Kuo […]

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5 Lessons I Have Learnt On Retirement Planning

TL;DR: If we start saving a greater percentage of our monthly income early, and invest the savings prudently without incurring the expensive management fees, we would be able to accumulate a substantial retirement nest-egg (estimated $1.5 million pot in 35 years with $2k put aside each month)   I have been chancing upon various “savings […]

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